HFEA Equiv. Registered, ISO Certified And Complies With EU Directives

“Our IVF methods give you a higher success rate”


Individualized care together with the newest technology and years of expertise makes for a winning combination in getting great results for our valued clients. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients as the answers often lie with the client and not in the test results alone. And as one of the pioneers in Europe to successfully implement the EmbryoScope to its full potential with amazing results all our clients get free use of this revolutionary technology.


Although Klinikk Hausken (KH) is the largest private IVF clinic in Norway we are small compared to any UK clinic. That’s why our clients feel they have been seen and heard after receiving treatment at the clinic.


Come and experience the clinic for yourself. Over 500 UK couples already have.


Clinic Hausken has excellent results, comparable to the best clinics in UK. We do about 800 cycles per year. Klinikk Hausken is the largest private IVF center in Norway.


In age group less than 40

52,8 % pregnancies per embryo transfer

38,2 % baby born per embryo transfer

48,3 % pregnancies per frozen embryo transfer

38,1 % baby born per frozen embryo transfer


In age group above 40

24,7 % pregnancies per embryo transfer

18,3 % baby born per embryo transfer

25,0 % pregnancies per frozen embryo transfer

17,6 % baby born per frozen embryo transfer


We are ISO certified, UK HFEA equivalent registered and Dr. Hausken is GMC registered. We have to follow strict Norwegian guidelines and law to be able to practice and are regularly inspected by the HFEA equiv. regulatory body.

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Initial Consultation: 1.800 NOK
IVF (excluding medication): 22.000 NOK
ICSI Procedure: 2.000 NOK
TESE/PESA Procedure: 2.000 NOK
Blastocyst transfer: 2.000 NOK
Cryopreservation and storage of Embryoes: 3.000 NOK
Transfer of Frozen-thawed Embryoes: 2.000 NOK


We also offer IUI.

*Cost of donor sperm will be an added cost.
Prices shown are for non-residents only.
For all other patients the Norwegian pricelist is applicable.

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– Customer Testimonial –


“We worked out, even allowing for accommodation and flights we, would get between 2 and 3 attempts over here in Norway. If I’m totally honest, when I looked at the prices and when i compared it to other clinics, there was a little thought in the back in my mind that we would get out to Norway and all of a sudden we would be told: “Well actually it’s this. And this is extra. And then you have to pay for this.” But no, it’s exactly as it was laid out. There’s no hidden cost involved. And again that’s something that helps put us at ease.”


Mike & Sarah from Cheshire



If you decide to receive treatment at Klinikk Hausken you will need to stay in Haugesund or Bergen for one week.


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